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Company Profile

Company presentation

OTK GROUP came into existence in 2006 as an international printing and packaging group with annual sales exceeding EUR 50 milions. Its headquarter is placed in the Czech Republic.

The OTK GROUP companies’ are:

  • Obchodni Tiskarny, a.s.
  • Obchodni Tiskarny Horovice, a.s.
  • Jihoceske Tiskarny, a.s.
  • OTK Print RO srl
  • Otk Deutschland Gmbh – reprezentant Germania

The company OTK PRINT RO SRL was established in 2006. In 2007 it successfully completed the acquisition of the printing division TIGER SOMES IMPEX SA, designed for the production of flexible packaging.

The company plans further investment in modern printing technology, also other printing segments such as printing of labels for beverage industry.

Our products are destinated for food industry, as well as to the industrial field. Our company has a leading position on the Romanian market, not only for the good quality of the products, but also due to the permanent care for satisfying ou clients.

The raw material used have sanitary approvals or food certificates, and the finished products have the sanitary approval of the Ministry of Healh.

The company has the following technical equipments:

  • 1 rotogravure printing machines (Schiavi 9 colours)
  • 2 flexographic printing machines (Uteco – 6 colours, and Bielloni 6 colours)
  • 1 laminator
  • 3 rewinders (Euromac, Schiavi, Del Maglio)

Company offices and Printing Hall

The company’s registered office, a modern architecture, “Greenfield” type, that has a surface of 2,000 sq.m. (with large possibilities for extension), hosts the company’s departments (sales, purchasing, import-export, production, graphics, quality, accounting, administrative), as well as the printing department.

This building and the endowment with equipment of the printing section, meant for our company an investment fo EURO 2.8 milions.


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