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Accessibility Declaration, the designer of these WWW pages, herewith declares that the pages comply with all important accessibility rules according to the Blind Friendly Web (a United Weak-Eyed and Blind Organisation project) as well as WCAG 1.0.


Any and all texts are defined in relative units and my be easily zoomed in or zoomed out using the standard tools offered by the Internet browsers. The layout and the operation of the pages is designed to be accessible both for the alternative browsers as well as persons with specific requirements.

The information provided in form of pictures is also available in text format.

All links on the Web open into one window. The links leading outside the WWW presentation are marked by an icon.

Web Standards

The structure of the layout and the contents is created using the structured XHTML 1.0 Strict. The visual presentation uses cascade styles (CSS 2); the information value of Web remains unchanged also without their use. The use of the cascade styles can be switched off with the help of the standard functions of the Internet browsers (if these support this functionality).

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts (the so called access keys) are used for the most important navigation elements of this Web.

  • 0 – Accessibility Declaration
  • 1 – Introduction Page
  • 2 – Products
  • 3 – Technology
  • 4 – Career
  • 5 – About the Company
  • 6 – Contacts

Technical Administrator of the WWW Presentation

Should you discover on these pages anything that would not comply with the accessibility requirements, please inform us – we will take measures in order to eliminate such deficiency.

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