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Analysis laboratory

As a result of an investment of 90,000 EURO, an Analysis Laboratory was set up - an important investment of our company – with the aim of maintaining the standards at their highest level.
The laboratory is to be certified by RENAR.

In the near future, we intend to acquire new laboratory devices that should complete the already existing ones and that could help us accomplish certain diversified tests of the quality of our products.

The laboratory contains: 

  • The gas-chromatograph for determining the residuals of certain chemical substances and verifying their percentage composition. 
  • Device for determining the thermo-welding resistance of the foil. 
  • Device for determining the air permeability of the paper, of the enrichment layer or of the foil. 
  • The dynamometer used for measuring the mechanical properties of the materials used. 
  • The laboratory drying oven for heating the analysis tests. 
  • Electronic balance for a quick and precise determination of the grams of the support used. 
  • The air conditioning system for obtaining and maintaining a constant environment in the laboratory perimeter.

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